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Why Use a Professional 
Pet Sitting Service?

  Pets are happier & healthier in their own home environment.

  Eliminates trauma for your pet of being left in an unfamiliar place.

  Eliminates the hassles of transporting your pet to and from a kennel.

  There is no exposure to other animals, sickness or parasites.

  Relatives, friends or neighbors will not be inconvenienced by your pet and the additional responsibilities.

  Gives you peace of mind, knowing that your pets and home will be cared for by a professional, while you are away.

Service Areas:

Parts of Superior
and Lafayette

Don't see your area?
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Services and Rates


Daily Pet Sitting Visits
$15 per visit for up to three pets
$12 per visit if twice a day
$ 2 additional each pet over three


Dog Walking
Dogs are walked for 20-30 minutes in your neighborhood.
$15 per visit for up to two dogs
$12 per visit if twice a day


Pet Taxi (to and from vet or groomer)
$20 round trip within five mile radius of pet's home

Administer Medications
$ 5 injections or oral medications
$ 8 subcutaneous hydrations

All Basic Services include complimentary:
- mail and newspaper brought in
- plant & garden watering
- alternate lights and security checks
- detailed notes about each visit
- lots of love and affection!



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